The Hope in Personal Apocalypse
(Refuge for the Hopeless)

by Jeff H. Ulrich

"Hope holds sanctuary in the midst of darkness,
and it brings confidence to light.

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This Hope Comes in the Night

In this short video, a surviving daughter shares about Jeff and how his book’s message of hope inspired and renewed her father's spirit who, when his life was to be drastically cut short by ALS – one of the cruelest of incurable diseases – began to lose his sense of meaning and purpose.

About The Book

The Hope in Personal Apocalypse

The spirit of an overcomer is preserved within these pages for you to discover.  Yet, this book is not just based on the author's life.  It is about the hope that brought him through various hardships – some that are common and others that are not so common. 


The author was born and has lived with forms of blindness, and that uncommon experience is the foundation for his perspective on what it means to persevere.  But we all can relate to desiring a hope that is not defined as “wishful thinking.”  The author learned very well what hope truly means, and he wants to provide an opportunity for you to find the hope of life that is for everyone who seeks it. 

Grace was just fourteen when her father wrote and dedicated this book for her.  He lovingly wrote every word with her well-being and future in mind.   

This is a piece of Grace’s inheritance; her father presented this special gift for her to open when she needs a boost.  But the overall message from this father and first-time author is for everyone.  He wrote each chapter to renew and encourage the reader with hope.

If you or someone you know is in search of hope, there is plenty of hope to be discovered throughout this heartfelt work.  And, according to early reviewers who were so uplifted, this is not a 200-page book to read once, put away, and never read again.  May this book do as much for all who receive it.

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About Jeff H. Ulrich

This is not a qualified theological endeavor or a quest for fame by the author, Jeff, who humbly writes as, Jeff H. Ulrich.  Instead, this is his personal declaration of what God, by His love and mercy, has done for him.

Jeff is a certified Chaplain who established a ministry in 2011 that grew to 1.3 million followers by 2014, all to perpetuate the message of hope that is the basis for this book. This is Jeff's passionate next step to fulfill a calling.  His heart has long been to share the good news about the hope of Jesus that saved him and its assurance that no one is hopeless.

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About This Release

Jeff is selling copies of the advance unpolished edition of his book to fund 

its formal publication, sponsor his Online Outreach to provide engagement and new content, and support the writing of a derivative book.  Jeff’s books are to be a legacy that would honor the hope of his life. 

The meaning of “advance unpolished” is that the book is yet to be polished by a publishing editor.  But the book is complete and is already touching the lives of its readers.  Every word was written with such care to give hope.  May each chapter of this advance edition inspire you with hope.

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$10 from each copy sold of this advance edition goes toward the funding of its formal publication, sponsors Jeff's Online Outreach to provide engagement and new content, and supports the writing of a derivative book.  Read the above section for more information about this special release of The Hope in Personal Apocalypse.

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