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Cyber Chaplains

Cyber Chaplains

We are committed to the role of "Blue Collar Believer." As we approach various forms of going out into the social networking community, we will go among much opposition, but we will present ourselves in a “Christ-like” manner. Each situation will present itself its own challenges, but we will always keep in mind:

- Chaplain Bill

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Chaplain Mike

Chaplain Mike

As a hospital Chaplain, I also meet people who are facing illness, and end of life issues. Having tragically lost my eldest child, I have undergone training by the church I attend, through: "Grief Share Recovery Support Group; our journey from mourning to joy" (which may be found by searching the internet).

I pray continually, seeking for God's wisdom and guidance, as I learn and attempt by His grace, to minister to others by the guidance of The Holy Spirit.

I continue working on various biblical topics pertaining to the issues and problems of life confronting each of us from time to time. Using the bible, my desire is to draw our attention to what it has to say as a means of addressing, dealing with, overcoming and ultimately solving those issues with which we all most often wrestle.

Various topics, and their biblical solutions pertaining to solving and overcoming many of life's challenges may be viewed on this page. 

- Chaplain Mike

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The Christian Exchange

The Christian Exchange

A non-denominatinoal community building up the Body of Christ towards more holistic Christian living, thinking, and being.

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