May the music and lyrics of Jeff's life inspire you with senses of hope, peace, and joy. 

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FREE - Music by Jeff H. Ulrich (1985, 2019)

This is inspirational music by Jeff H. Ulrich who was moved by an extraordinary experience. In a place seemingly near to Heaven, he found true freedom.

LIGHT OF TRANQUILITY - Music by Jeff H. Ulrich (2013)

The melody of this inspirational music by Jeff H. Ulrich was conceived as he asked God to comfort him through grieving. He then felt a sense of peace, and the word, “tranquility,” came to mind.

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FREE - Music by Jeff H. Ulrich (1985, 2019)


~ Verse 1 ~ 

Where have you been all of my life?

Were your around?

Could you have been found?

I waited to meet someone who would care 

Someone to remove the thorns that would tear

~ Verse 2 ~ 

A dungeon's where I lived all alone 

A very dark place that I called home 

Till the day when you came and opened the door made of memories 

Unpleasant memories 

You set me free  

~ Chorus ~ 

You took the time to remember 

You showed me how much you cared 

Now I can move forward 

My eyes gleaming upward 

I'm free  

~ Verse 3 ~ 

Now as I stand here a prisoner no more 

I can feel the touch of your soothing love 

I'll never return to darken the door that bound my life 

Now that it's behind 

I know that I am free  

~ Repeat Chorus ~  

~ Bridge ~ 

Yes, I'm free  

I know that I am free 

I am free

~ Chorus 2 ~ 

Lord, You know

I can say that   

I have been near Heaven 

I learned how to fly   

I once rode a rainbow  

And pushed the wind aside.  

You who turned a river 

You who calmed the sea   

I can move a mountain

Because You set me free

- Lyrics & Inspirational Music by Jeff H. Ulrich (1985, 2019)

Note: The above lyrics are unsung in this instrumental version but is included here to add meaning.


This is music inspired by an extraordinary experience, seemingly near to Heaven, where I found true freedom.

I wrote "Free" in 1985 at the age of nineteen.

Until 2019, I had not heard the entirety of this work in performance; I had not the means to assemble and record the necessary musicians. Technology has made possible for me to complete the recording myself with full instrumentation and, by substituting my weak voice and choir respectively with synthetic sax and vocals, I produced to my satisfaction what I have longed to hear for myself.   

Free is most personal and includes the essence of an extraordinary experience that left a lasting mark on me. I heard Free in my mind during that experience, and the lyrics came as supernaturally. Both are a sincere expression of my heart of gratitude to God as well as to someone special who unwittingly ushered me to a place of healing . . . like no other. When I arrived home from that remarkable ”experience,” I could immediately play and sing through Free in its basic form. As the one witness to that unforgettable day could attest, only God could have made such a deep impression on me to bring about such transformation and inspiration.  

I would be dishonest to claim that, at that early age, this song was within my grasp. Although I had aspired to compose music, I was years from writing and playing at this level. But there it was, apparently placed upon my heart, to carry with me out of that beautiful “place” where heavy burdens were miraculously lifted to make way for true hope. 

Over the years, I have looked back to the manuscript in remembrance of a time when God helped me to overcome a challenge that once seemed to be insurmountable; and everything about it has been, to my daughter and others close to me, as much of a reason for believing in our Lord and Savior. Even if I had not the lyrics, I hear in the music the story of one who was lost but then found and brought out to his overwhelming delight. I pray that Free would be such an encouragement to you in the spirit of an unshakable “hope” that grants power to the weak and strength to the weary (read Isaiah 40:28-31). 

- Jeff H. Ulrich

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LIGHT OF TRANQUILITY - Music by Jeff H. Ulrich (2013)


O, God, Your promise of Heaven is like the Sun at dawn but faithful to not leave us in the bleak shadow of life’s horizon. I would be lost and cold in darkness without the fire of your covenant to light my way and keep me warm. I find solace in my thoughts of Jesus who has called each of us to join Him in paradise. I long for the day when my Savior shall greet and embrace me with my departed loved ones who desired You and Your Kingdom above all. Serene comfort shall truly be ours once You forever wipe away all tears as angels rejoice in their dialect of divine song. Until then, I shall persevere in this world apart from such everlasting tranquility.

Although I am sometimes uncertain and weary, unspeakable peace and joy are nonetheless mine with Your Holy Spirit as my faithful guide and with You as my omnipotent source of strength. At times when my heart was broken and my spirit was crushed, You soothed me with sweet melodies of Your attentive love. I therefore trust You, Lord, to uphold me with Your righteous hand through my journey to life eternal. Amen.

- Prayer & Inspirational Music by Jeff H. Ulrich (2013)

Note: The above prayer is unspoken in this instrumental version but is included here to add meaning.


I conceived the melody of this song as I asked God to comfort me through grieving. I then felt a sense of peace, and the word, “tranquility,” came to mind. Later, I shared the melody with my daughter who, at the time, was twelve years of age. She said with delight, “It sounds like Jesus!” 

The connection between “Jesus” and “tranquility” became my inspiration to complete this song now titled, Light of Tranquility, but also titled, Jesus My Tranquility. The word, “Light,” of the main title is my reference to God’s promise of Heaven. Both titles reflect my interpretation of the simple melody that I heard as I prayed to God to touch my soul with His perfect peace.

To me, this song with its inspired melody has since been like the distant voice of a loving father who, at night, beckons his children toward the safety of his home. Resonate has been the calling of my caring Heavenly Father whose refuge of paradise is prepared for those who pay heed to His voice and who look to Him for hope. His eyes are attentive to our tears when they fall, and He shall one day forever wipe them from our eyes if we persevere in Him. At the light of that promise of Heaven, my heart is consoled. And I shall rejoice on the day when “…there will no longer be any death; there will no longer be any mourning, or crying, or pain.” (see Revelation 21:4 NASB)

- Jeff H. Ulrich

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